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The New York Pork Producers, Inc. originated in the 1950’s as the New York State Swine Association. Members were mostly purebred swine producers. This organization evolved into the New York State Swine Improvement Association. Both of these organizations were run with support from Cornell University and Cooperative Extension. Their primary function was education of their members. They also were involved in efforts to get hog cholera eradicated from New York State.

Around 1970 the organization changed its name to the New York Pork Producers and affiliated with the National Pork Producers Council. A Voluntary checkoff was initiated and pork producers began to promote pork to consumers. In 1985 a National Pork Act formed a legislative checkoff. Today this check off funds promotion of pork, research and producer education.
Currently New York Pork Producers has 60 members representing around 80% of New York pork production.

USDA Hog Statistics for New York:

  • 87,566 hogs on hand 12/31/21

  • 1,725 operations with hogs in the state in 2017

  • 10,923 hogs for breeding purposes

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